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Every child will have a home where they are loved unconditionally, where their spirit is honored and nurtured, and where they are taught the power of love.

APEC was formed by Kathryn Kvols over thirty years ago. Kathryn is the author of the book and parenting course Redirecting Children's Behavior. Early in her career, Kathryn was working as a family counselor. She started teaching methods that helped parents become calmer and more confident and empowered them to raise their children to be responsible and cooperative. Parents applauded the results they saw in their families and began to push Kathryn to write a book based on the principles, which she taught in her classes.
Many of our instructors are teachers, health practitioners, and professionals, and moms and dads who care deeply about families. Kathryn's dream of supportive, loving families has become an international effort and the network has been an inspiration to many. It is up to each of us, whether we are parents or friends of parents, to encourage and support children as they grow and learn, as they will be the adults of tomorrow.
The International Network for Children and Families offers a variety of parenting classes and teacher education. It is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida.



What makes Kathryn Kvols unique is that her personal experiences as a mom, single mom, step-mom,  and grandmother have made her compassionate, understanding, and knowledgable of most parenting challenges.


A “catalyst for creating healthy relationships” is the best way to describe Kathryn. A dynamic and entertaining international speaker, Kathryn has worked with thousands of teachers, nurses, counselors, childcare workers, and parents, presenting keynote addresses, workshops, and classes. Kathryn presents fresh new ways at looking at age-old problems. Seeing with these new eyes, her audience is inspired to make amazing shifts toward loving action. These loving actions are creating more satisfying relationships at home, in school, and in the workplace.


Large organizations have sought Kathryn for her inspiring keynotes and workshops such as Burger King, NAYEC, the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner’s Association and the American Montessori Society to name a few.
Kathryn is adept at creating safe learning environments through her heart-felt speaking style, her sense of humor, and insightful observations. Her workshops are interactive, and her audiences walk away with practical tools they can implement immediately.
Highlights of her career include being invited to speak at the World Peace Conference in Costa Rica, and being interviewed as an expert for the PBS Documentary, “The Children Are Watching.”
Kathryn is the president of the APEC, a worldwide parent training network that teaches her life changing course, “Redirecting Children’ Behavior.” The course teaches skill-building strategies to families. They emphasize teamwork, creating win-win situations, and effectively avoiding power struggles using kind-but-firm methods promoted by Dr. Alfred Adler and Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs.

Kathryn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Education from Concordia College in Minnesota.

Kathryn and her husband, Brian Harper, reside in Gainesville, Florida and have a blended family of five children: Brianna, Tyler, Chloe, Emily, and Amy.


Redirecting Children’s Behavior

Parenting Guidelines

Understanding Yourself and Others

Success Strategies for Family Meetings


She has also developed several courses:


Redirecting Children’s Behavior

Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom (co-author)

Redirecting Corporate America (co-author)

The Family Empowerment Series

The Family Puzzle…Putting the Pieces Together

Understanding Yourself and Others (co-author)

The Love Course

Understanding Successful Attitudes (co-author)

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