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We know you are busy and barely have enough time to take a shower by yourself. And we know that there are hundreds of things that are trying to grab your attention. We also know that your family is a big priority in your life. So in an effort to serve you better, we have created weekly Parenting Practices that are short and to the point.


Powerful change in under 3 minutes


These short emails will take you less than 3 minutes to read. Even though they are “short and sweet” they pack a powerful ripple that changes the dynamics in your family if you choose to implement them. ​

Insight and Practical Action

They are called Practices because we believe knowledge is great. But what is even better is knowledge combined with inspired action. Until you start taking action on what you know, nothing will be different in your family.

So each Parenting Practice has one or two paragraphs of education and then a practice you can implement that week. Then sit back and watch more peace and harmony seep into your family.

Get Free Weekly Parenting Practices

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