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Redirecting Children's Behavior
Redirecting Children's Behavior Workbook 

Hard cover workbook to accompany the book.​

(Only available for Bulk order) 

Only available for Bulk order

Please see below for more details! 

Redirecting Children's Behavior Workbook (Digital Copy)

Download the digital copy of the workbook to accompany the book.

55 Ways To Get Out Of and Stay Out of Power Struggles  Ebook

Power struggles wreak havoc in every relationship. In this ebook/workbook you will discover ways to not only gracefully get out of one but will also provide tools to prevent them in the first place. Built in worksheets help you personalize your journey out of power struggles. At the end, their is a ground breaking tool to help you expedite your process and achieve the close relationships we all long for.

Parenting Guidelines (audio)
Ages and Stages (audio)
Help Your Child Listen (audio)

In this audio, Kathryn gives parents over 100 tools to use to deal with the everyday challenges of parenting.

Do you ever wonder if your child’s behavior is normal?  Or ask yourself, “shouldn’t she be out of that stage?” I sure did! This CD informs you of challenging behavior from 18 months to 5 years old.

Tired of nagging, yelling, and reminding?

In this audio, you will learn ways to get your kids to listen, in her quick, easy-to-implement lesson.​


Any Combination of 20 Books or​ Workbooks

$8.97 a copy + $17 shipping



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