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Parenting our CHildren though the eyes of Anxiety

If your family is ready to understand how to be free of the worry boss, and have a more peaceful, fun, and adventurous life, please jump in and sign up for this course.

Are your child’s anxiety and worries bossing you and your family around? Do you feel bullied and controlled by their “what ifs,” stomachaches, sleep issues, school refusal, fears, tears, and anger outbursts? Maybe you feel nothing has helped and your child’s worries are just getting bigger. If you find yourself begging, reassuring, and getting annoyed and frustrated, then this course is for you!

In this course, you and your child will work together to loosen the grip of anxiety and learn ways to stand up to those worries once and for all. Through easy to learn techniques, artwork, and play, you and your child will become a team as you:

  • Understand the role of the brain and how to rewire it

  • Learn a fun trick to handle the worry monster when it shows up

  • Develop a new process and a game plan to change the pattern of anxiety

  • Face perfectionism and sleep issues caused by anxiety

  • Learn new skills to use when anxiety turns to anger

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