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for Redirecting Children’s Behavior
Parenting Course

Would you like to make a difference in your community?

The Parent Instructor Network Training is a 18 hour intensive, personal training that will certify you to teach the popular Redirecting Children's Behavior parent education course. INCAF is one of the only organizations that require their instructors to get their certification and maintain their certification throughout their teaching career. Your certification offers you the opportunity of experiencing the fulfillment  of teaching practical, easy to use tools that  empowers families.


The International Network for Children and Families trains people throughout the world to establish their own local parenting courses based on "Redirecting Children's Behavior". INCAF provides you with all the skills and materials you need to start a successful seminar business, facilitating a world-renowned course.



1. Do you feel parents would benefit from  receiving more emotional support in raising their children?
2. Do people frequently ask for your advice?
3. Do you get excited about helping others  make a difference in their lives?
4. Do you enjoy working at your own pace?
5. Is making a difference in your community important to you?

If you answered “YES” to 4 out of 5 of the above questions, chances are you have the passion we’re looking for in a parent educator.

This Opportunity Includes


  • Launching a new career as a parent educator.

  • Adding parent education to the services that you already provide.

A Life Changing Parenting Course


Pediatricians and mental health professionals nationwide endorse this certification training to teach Redirecting Children’s Behavior because it works!  You will be trained to teach parents and other professionals how to discipline and encourage children without yelling, punishing, nagging, time out, and spanking.  Your teaching seminars will offer 15 hours of skill-based strategies, hands-on learning experiences, and fun exercises that help your participants to feel calm, confident, and enjoy parenting.  These changes have a direct and profound impact on the behavior of children, your family, and your community.


You will be certified to teach these proven parenting skills:


  • Create emotionally healthy, connected families.

  • Effectively redirect sibling rivalry.

  • Set clear limits and follow through with meaningful consequences.

  • Establish family meetings to teach leadership, values and problem solving skills.

  • The difference between motivating through love vs. motivating through fear.

  • Communicate in a way that encourages your child to talk to you.

  • Resolve conflicts with out power struggles.

  • The four times not to discipline children.

  • Teach children how to solve their own problems, offering them guidance when needed.

  • Understanding why time out does not work and what to do instead.

  • Assist children in developing self-control, responsibility and self-confidence. 

  • Importance of working as unified couple.

  • Networking for single parents.

  • Make parenting more fun!


Reach out to people in your community!
    •    Parents
    •    Foster Parents
    •    Day Care Staff
    •    Grandparents
    •    Pediatricians
    •    Teachers
    •    Family Therapists
    •    Social Workers 

There is an urgent need for parent education instructors!

We have trained over 750 instructors in 38 states, over 300 cities, and 19 countries. However, there is still an urgent need for RCB instructors in many major cities in the U.S.!




How do I get started?
Fill out application. We will contact you with the appropriate information for training. 


The training is limited to the first 10 students. 

Call for information: 352-494-1581



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