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Setting limits--- and making them stick

Develop positive parenting strategies for a peaceful home

Are you exhausted from repeating yourself over and over again? Are your kids sassy and disrespectful? Do you feel depleted? Maybe it is time to set some clear limits and develop the ability to follow through. Or perhaps you are being too firm and you want to find a method to set limits in a ways that helps your child feel heard and understood yet wins their cooperation?

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to get clear about your limit(s).

  • 4 simple steps to set limits.

  • Helpful tips on how to effectively follow through without nagging.

  • How to effectively respond when they use emotional blackmail.

  • 9 pitfalls to avoid when setting limits.

We know that most parents are pressed for time so the course is broken in to short bite size pieces (10-15 minutes) and you can start where you left off!

Bonuses: You will receive scripts (exact words to say if you need them), introspective worksheets, inspiring affirmations and “Refrigerator Wisdom” to help remind you. All of this to make your life a little easier and more fun!

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