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“Finally!  An adult understands!  We just want someone to really listen to us.  I’m glad you’re taking the class.”
-9-year-old daughter of participant




"I highly endorse Kathryn's work…More than ever, it is import to learn to communicate within our families in a way that fosters growth, understanding and peaceful resolution of conflict."
-Allen Neims, M.D., Ph.D., former  Dean of the University of Florida College of Medicine and pediatrics professor

 "Kathryn's presentations were most informative and warm.  She connected easily with all of our staff and instructed in a very "user friendly" manner.  The Redirecting Children's Behavior program, itself, has proven to be a great benefit to all the many families who have taken the course at our Caring For Kids Family Center.  We always have lively discussions, much interaction and subsequently great evaluations.  Thanks for sharing such a wonderful program"
-Suzanne Conrad, MA,RN, LPC     Executive Director for Caring For Kids Family Center




“When I took the “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” (RCB) parenting course several years ago, I saw immediate results with my children.  It was almost magical how fights and power struggles gave way to cooperation and teamwork.  I got way more than my money’s worth on the parenting front alone, but as an emergency physician, I’ve had the added benefit of using RCB principles with children (and sometimes adults!) in the emergency center.  It is truly magical to take a hurt, sick, and frightened child and be able to engage them, encourage them, and turn what could be a traumatic experience into an empowering one”. 
-Lonnie Draper, M.D., Vice President, Emergency Services



"Redirecting Children's Behavior is by far the most entertaining and effective parenting program around, and it's author, Kathryn Kvols is an incredibly dynamic and appealing presenter! If parenting education had a rating scale, Redirecting Children's Behavior would get five-stars."
-Tim Seldin
President, The Montessori Foundation
Chair, The International Montessori Council



"Having participated in dozens of trainings over the past 16 years, I can say without hesitation that Kathryn Kvols is the most knowledgeable and most engaging trainer I have experienced.  She has the gift of being able to relate to all audiences, from paraprofessionals who assist in the classroom to PhDs and others responsible for administration. 


"More than a dozen curricula were reviewed prior to the selection of Redirecting Children's Behavior as the preferred curriculum for PAC Success Academies of Florida.  Through nine years of providing services to families, we were required to try other  programs.  Without exception, we have always come back to RCB."
-Brenda J. Glass
Executive Director, PAC Success Academies of Florida



"Kathryn Kvols is a very dynamic speaker and presenter.  She combines a sense of humor with compassionate teaching to keep audiences interested and actively participating.  She has a keen ability to understand human behavior and, because of her own experiences, is able to connect with others on a deep level.  Kath uses auditory, visual and experiential learning experiences in her courses, enhancing participants' ability to comprehend and utilize the information."   

"The information of the Redirecting Children's Behavior course is brilliant, insightful and organized.  Kath has designed a workshop that is easily understood and implemented into one's family life.  Although it is directed toward children's behavior, it can be utilized within the workplace and personal relationships.  It assists participants in understanding the motives behind human behavior with compassion and empathy.  This course is the answer to giving children boundaries in a manner that enhances their self esteem and ability to make healthy decisions."   
-Vicki O'Grady, MA, LMHC, NCC



"Kathryn Kvols remains a visionary...committed to a world that includes peaceful homes, self-aware parents, and children with an opportunity for their needs to be met appropriately in this hectic, challenging world."



"The Redirecting Children's Behavior course taught me how to parent.  Not how to love my child, but to illuminate and address the many other needs a little person has.  It beautifully marries two polar opposites-firm and kind-and teaches parents how to exhibit both in the very same moment.  The course has changed my life and continues to change those families who are reached by this material.  I see it every day...."
-Michelle Gambs Rohen, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Parenting Instructor



"Kathryn Kvols is always a fresh and lively presenter who knows what family is all about.  She knows kids, she knows parents, and she's got a big bag of tricks for making life better for both of them!  She has a wealth of experience, she keeps it real, she makes it fun, and best of all, she always comes from the heart.  



I took RCB several years ago, and all I can say is, "What a difference one course can make!"   It's amazing how well RCB techniques work, and how quickly they brought more peace and harmony into our home.  RCB has definitely made me a better parent, and I'm delighted to be passing a better method of parenting to the next generation.  I heartily recommend RCB to any parent--you'll walk away with an entire toolbox for home improvement!"
Kathy Barnett, RN, MSM, Clinical Nurse Specialist



"I was lucky enough to do my instructor training with Kathryn, and found her inspiring!  Her energy and commitment to helping families shines through in everything she does. The principles of RCB improved my practice as a teacher and have enhanced my effectiveness as a parent.  Kathryn Kvols' book and course are accessible and relevant to today's families.  I am proud to be associated with such a compassionate and noble effort!" 
Joyce Ann Starks
Certified Parenting Instructor, INCAF, Certified Montessori Teacher
Greensboro, NC



"Kathryn Kvols has written a wonderful book, created a dynamic curriculum, and is a delightful speaker on the topic of discipline in children.  She is animated and engaging, drawing her audience into her message of parenting in a very positive manner; teaching children rather than punishing them, focusing on the long-term results and what kind of people parents ultimately want their children to become.  She is endless in her enthusiasm and lives her message daily." 
Chris Poe, Senior Teaching Specialist, University of Minnesota



"Redirecting Children's Behavior is both a book and curriculum, and I love each of them!  They are well-received by all parents that I have had the privilege of teaching in parenting classes; even those who are skeptics at the beginning of the 5 week series come around by the end of the sessions.  It helps parents to feel much better about themselves as parents because its message is positive and they begin to see results for their efforts to parent in this way.  This is also required reading for my pediatric nurse practitioner graduate students, and they uniformly find these concepts beneficial in developing their skills to work with children and families." 
-Chris Poe, Senior Teaching Specialist, University of Minnesota



"When Kathryn Kvols paved the way for what has become our annual parenting seminar, the parents were delighted. She’s warm and open, thus appealing. She’s honest and real, thus credible. She brings abundant information and ideas for creating happier families, all taught through examples and activities that bring the concepts alive. We’re looking forward to having her back for another seminar.



"Redirecting Children’s Behavior has become a key piece in our hospital’s programs for parents. Our vision is that parents will consider this course as standard as prenatal classes. I have a drawer-full of enthusiastic evaluations from over 1000 parents, teachers, and childcare workers who have taken RCB since I started teaching it here in 1991. The entire community, including local pediatricians and family physicians, appreciates it and helps get the word out about each course, and our hospital marketing department features it regularly. Our local community foundation now partners with us to help with expenses. We all consider RCB and the numerous happier families it helps create a gift we give our community."
Lynne Apple, BA, IBCLC
Parenting Instructor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant



“Before I took the “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” course, I didn’t like my son and my marriage was on the brink of divorce.  RCB not only helped to create closeness with my son but it also saved my marriage.”

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