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 Next class is TBD, contact Kathryn at to start a class! 

Live Online RCB Parenting Class with Kathryn

Become a more calm, confident parent!


Are you tired of yelling, nagging, bribing and threatening your child?

Would you like less sass, less begging for ..."just 5 more minutes mommy, pleassssse?"

Are you tired of tolerating: kids bickering, temper tantrums, chasing down homework and policing screen time?

Do you want more cooperation, fun, and effective communication going on in your household?

Our course not only stops the misbehavior, but in addition we will teach you how to give your  children essential life skills that your child will use as an adult.


Reflect with me

  • What would you like your household to look and sound like? Would you like less bickering, less sass, less begging for just 5 more minutes?

  • Would you like to be able to get out the door in the morning on time without having to yell, " Hurry up! We're going to be late!" one more time?

  • Would you fighting with your partner about the kids and  promote agreement instead?

  • Are you tired of tolerating...temper tantrums, chasing down homework assignments,  policing screen time? Or are you just plain tired and want some much needed "me" time.

  • What is the most challenging part of your day...getting your peeps up in the morning, the bewitching hour right before dinner or long, drawn out bedtimes? What would it be like to have more peace at those times.

Now your family dreams can happen! 

We know parenting is hard and even more difficult to do on your own. 

Now you don't have to. 

Join our RCB Community! 

Learning Details

  • Five, once a week, ninety minute small group sessions on an easy to use platform called Zoom

  • Recorded replay of each session

  • Three, thirty minute private coaching session with Kathryn

  • Ten minute reading content delivered right to you email each week (no annoying passwords!)

Enrollment is limited to 10 spots. The cost is $249, next class date is TBD! Contact Kathryn at for interest in the next class! 

Don’t want to wait? Sign up for a private RCB class with Kathryn at


Your partner or caregiver can also attend without extra fees!

Meet your instructor

Kathryn Kvols 


Still Have Questions?  |  Tel: 352-494-1581

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Register Here! 

Enrollment is limited to 10 spots.


Next class date is TBD! Contact Kathryn at for interest in the next class! 

Don’t want to wait? Sign up for a private RCB class with Kathryn at

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