Redirecting Children's Behavior Recertification

It's that time again! This year, recertification comes with some exciting new benefits!


Be Part Of Our Community

Interact with Kathryn and your fellow teachers in our new private Facebook group for instructors only.

Weekly Parenting Practice

Weekly newsletter for your students with helpful actionable parenting insights. 


Stay Informed

Quarterly newsletter with articles about parenting, teaching strategies and techniques, and new research.


The Newest Materials

We have a new seminar for you: the workshop “From Sassy to Respectful” and it includes a manual, Powerpoint and handout. Register by May 15th  and this new seminar will be provided free!

Here are a few topics this workshop addresses:

    • What's REALLY behind your child's disrespect.

    • 8 Ways to redirect sassiness.

    • Getting UNPLUGGED!

    • Giving kids communication skills.


Here is what is included:

    • A detailed Instructor's manual

    • A power point presentation

    • A promotional flier that you can modify

    • A handout


Special material pricing for instructors only

As one of the benefits for instructors, get lower pricing on books and workbooks PLUS frequent specials on these supplies.


Registrations received after May 15th  will be assessed a $20 late fee, and the workshop will no longer be free.

Greetings Instructors! I'm excited about what 2020 will bring for INCAF. 

We have started a private group for instructors to support one another, and where I will make regular posts and comments.

 Please make sure your on here so we can support you and the courses you lead! 

Also be sure to follow RCB on social media! 


Thanks again!



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Click below for Late Recertification


Not teaching this year but want to take Sabbatical? Late Purchase here for $90

Email us if you need need anything else or make payments in a different way!

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