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Our organization give one hour workshops to the community. Not only are they informative but lots of fun and interaction in the group. Here are a few of our many workshop titles we have to offer:


Bully Proof Your Child 

Identifies what bullying is and gives adult and children specific tools for both the child who is being bullied and the bully.


Toddlers, Tantrums and Tears! Oh My! 

Current brain research helps parents and teachers understand what’s behind tantrums, whining and clinging behavior. And gives them tools to prevent and redirect these behavior in ways that help the child feel emotionally safe.


Help! My Child Won’t Listen.

Child do not innately know how to listen. Parents and teachers need teach and model effective listening skills.


Setting Limits and Making them Stick

Teaches a step-by-step   process to set clear limits and follow through with them.   


Teens You Gotta Love ‘Em

Successfully navigate the teen years through dissolving the communication barriers that are prevalent in this  stage of development. 


We can also “build to suit” workshops for your organizations personal needs. Parents and teachers not only walk away with more understanding but also walk away with easy to implement tools that they can use immediately.


Find workshop leaders in your area.


If there is not an instructor in your area send us a message.

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