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Setting Limits, Part 3



What Issues Should I Set Limits Around?

Welcome to the third part of a series in setting healthy and effective boundaries! This step works well for children of any age.

Your child is looking for and wants limits (although It may not feel like it). They feel secure when there is strong, respectful leadership.

The more clear and concise you are about your limits, the less your child will test you.

What areas of behavior you might want to set limits around:

  • screen time

  • bedtime

  • disrespectful words

  • picking up toys

  • chores

  • treatment of others - siblings, grandparents, friends and pets

  • hygiene

  • length of time sitting at the family table

  • foods they eat

  • your “me” time

  • your partner time

  • other

We are not telling you what the right boundaries are because everyone’s tolerance level is different.

Research says that you have only seven seconds to get your point across to your child before

you start loosing their attention.

Get in the habit of making short statements rather than lengthy explanations.

For example, "A toy needs to be put away before you take out another one." Or "Chores need to be done before you go outside."

In order to embody setting healthy and effective limits, you will need to practice…not just read or hear about the concept.

Parenting Practice: Determine what your boundaries are around an above issue. Write a clear, concise statement regarding it.

For a deeper dive into setting limits, check out our course here.

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 This Topic REALLY Resonated With Me...Now What?

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