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A Leave of Absence...

A Leave of Absence....

Dear Friends,

I apologize for my absence. Right before Thanksgiving of last year, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer - the worst level. I went into a deep, dark tunnel. Wondering “why me?”, “where do I begin?”, and “am I going to die?” These were the most terrifying days of my life.

But I am back. Today, I am cancer free! I feel the best I have felt in years. Thanks to wonderful surgeons, amazing support from family, encouraging friends. I was told I was on numerous prayer chains. I am extremely grateful for the miracles of prayers.

I found this book entitled “My Crazy, Sexy, Cancer”. I so relate to the title. It has been a crazy time. Miracles intertwined with dark times. Sexy because I have lost 41 pounds and down 2 dress sizes!!!

Here are my take aways. I hope they help you in some way. I have learned:

  1. To love and respect my body… I was abusive to my body…eating and drinking things I knew I shouldn’t. What we eat and how we fuel our bodies is monumental in our everyday health

  2. The importance family. As you know, family has always been paramount in my life. However, I have never needed to lean on them before. There are no words to sufficiently describe the love and support I felt from them.

  3. Express my needs and feelings. I am talking about the vulnerable ones that I wanted to hide so know one would see that I was weak. Someone describe me as a self-cleaning oven! There is something very healing about letting myself be that raw.

  4. The blessing of the NOW. I was walking our German Shepherd while holding the hand of my marvelous husband one evening. One of the first things a consultant asked me was, “Do you want to live or die?’ (Very confrontative.) So I was thinking about all the things I wanted to live for when I heard a little voice in my head question, “How about NOW?” It took me aback and made me realize how much I am either thinking about the future or dwelling on the past.

  5. Stop resisting advice from others. My sisters have lovingly persisted in telling me to get a colonoscopy for years. Had I paid attention earlier I could have avoided my situation thinking I was impervious to such conditions. After all, I hardly ever get sick!

  6. Don’t let fear determine my actions. When I went to the doctors, they (I am sure unintentionally) used fear to get you to do do medical procedure ASAP. Instead, I have learned to listen to myself rather than making rash decisions that I might later regret. I now slow down, do research, take trusted advice, listen to God and then make a decision.

Although I wouldn’t wish a medical crisis on anyone, cancer, in many ways been a huge blessing. Christopher Reeves was asked if he wished he could reverse his condition. He said “No!” Although I am not there yet, I am very grateful for everything and it’s great to be alive!

Thank you to the many people who were praying for me and thanks you for all your support over the years. Please reach out to me for any questions or even just to check in with how you are doing! I would love to hear from you!




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