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Quick Tip to Ease Tension Quickly With Your Spouse

Quick Tip to Ease Tension Quickly With Your Spouse

There was a bit of tension between my husband and I as we walked hurriedly to get some holiday shopping done. I noticed an old woman gesturing to me from an outside table of a coffeeshop. I couldn’t help but also notice that she was alone. She kept clasping her hands together and pointing to the two of us. After several times of observing the gesturing and listening to her broken English saying something like, “always together.” Finally it dawned on me that she wanted me to hold hands with my husband, so I did. She smiled broadly with approval and delight. It was as if an angel appeared to remind me to pay attention to what is important.

The tension immediately melted between us as I shared what happened and took his hand in mine. He leaned over, kissed my forehead tenderly and said, “That is a very wise woman!“

Today’s Parenting Practice has two takeaways. One is a reminder during this holiday season, to hold tight to your relationship. When you do, you won’t feel alone in this very important parenting journey the two of you are on.

The second, in less than a minute this wise old woman who I had never met before made such an impact in my life with a few gestures and two simple words, “always together.” What small thing can you do this holiday season to bring good cheer?

Parenting Practice:

Remember to hold hands often.

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