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What Distracts You From Love?

Pause....I mean seriously. PAUSE! Take a moment from your busy schedule and reflect on this question.

What distracts you from love? Is it the shopping, wrapping and taping? The throngs of people, traffic jams and kids fighting in the back seat? Is it the constant barrage of marketing on TV, Facebook and phone screaming, "BUY ME!"?

The Grinch said, "The noise. OH THE NOISE"! This clamor is designed to distract you from what's really juicy in life.

Don't let the noise distract from the present moment. You know, the moment your hubby hugs you and you patronizingly hug him back because there's a million things on your mind. Or the moment your kiddo yells excitedly, "Watch me! Mommy. Watch me!" And you take a quick glance, and robotically say, "Wow, that's cool."

What loving moment will you allow to pass you by?

SLOW DOWN instead of speeding up. Drink in those moments when the family is gathered around the fireplace laughing, moments at the table when everyone shares about their day, or when you snuggle in tightly with someone dear.

Capture these moments...let the love settle deep within your heart and let them fill you.

Parenting Practice: SLOW DOWN!


Parenting can be quite the challenge. It is always good to have new tools in your "parenting tool box." Want personal coaching and problem solving solutions? Sign up for a FREE 15 Minute Strategy Session. We will pinpoint an irksome behavior and plan a strategy for resolving this issue.


If this message today spoke to you today, share with me or your friends how it affected you and follow us on our social media!

Kathryn Kvols

Author, Lecturer, Parenting Coach

(352) 494-1581

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