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6 Tips to Get Your Child/Teen/Spouse to Listen

Have you found yourself thinking or saying, "Are you listening to me?" I know I did. Did you know that listening is not an innate skill? It is a skill that must be learned. Guess where children learn how to listen? Yep...from us!

Here are 6 steps to help your child listen:

  1. Get on their level when speaking to them. Don't yell from across the room or tower over them.

  2. Make friendly eye contact BEFORE you speak.

  3. Be clear and concise. Children become "parent deaf" when we talk excessively.

  4. Ask your conversation partner to repeat what they have heard.

  5. Gently make any changes to what they may have missed.

  6. If you are wanting them to agree to something, set your child and yourself up for success by making sure you have their agreement. Make it a Win, Win situation!

When your conversation partners feel heard and understood, they feel more like cooperating with you and you will develop better connections. When your children learn how to listen, you feel less frustrated. You also, begin to feel more confident. Try the same with your spouses too!

To find out how well you listen, take this short quiz.

Find out how you scored here.

Listening intently while paying attention to their tone of voice and body language is a tricky art. Click and Learn more tools from "Help My Child Listen."

Parenting Practice: Commit to practicing these steps a least once a day with each child.

If this message today spoke to you today, share with me or your friends how it affected you and comment on our social media!

With Love,

Kathryn Kvols

Author, Lecturer, Parenting Coach

352 494-1581

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