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Do You Want More Teamwork in Your Family?

"Kids today aren't that motivated today," I often hear people say. We blame today's kids. Little do we realize that we are the ones who train kids to believe they are honored guests in the home, rather than contributing members of a family team. Do you see your family as a team? Or do many of the chores get done by you and your spouse while your kids sleep in or watch video games?

Doing chores is one way to create team. Other ways are by having family meetings to help make decisions like planning meals and outings, budgeting, or coordinating schedules. Doing projects together and going to sibling's extracurricular activities are other ways to create team.

Children learn important values by working as a team like cooperation, being a good leader and a good follower. They learn we can get more done by working together and many hands make the load lighter.

The skills that they learn about teamwork in your family are the skills that will make them successful as adult.

Parenting Practice: This week, challenge yourself to think "Team." As often as possible, ask yourself, "How can I make this activity a team project.

Pass this on to a friend who you could benefit from this.

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