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Redirecting Children's Behavior (paperback)

You know there should be more to family life than arguments, neglected chores, disrespectful kids, infringed limits, and punishments that don't create self-motivated individuals.


Take off on a surprise journey with Kathryn Kvols to see how quickly your family can become close, cooperative, and respectful.

All families need a map to travel the rough roads of life more smoothly. Take Redirecting Children's Behavior as your guide. This comprehensive book will show you the path to peace within your family and beyond.​

"The best, most useful book on parenting I've ever read."

- Jack Canfield, parent and author, Chicken Soup for the Soul and other books


"[RCB] has helped me both personally and in my work with families.  It offers practical strategies that work.  It's a wonderful book for real families with the normal dilemmas we all face."

- Diane Clark John, parent and co-author of Temperament Tools: Working with Your Child's Inborn Traits and co-director of A Family Resource.

Amazon Reviews

"I cannot imagine anyone reading this book and not emerging from it a happier and more effective parent. As a working mom with three kids aged 10 and under, I can tell you, I wish I had read this book years ago - it would have saved me so much frustration! The book is short, well written, and a quick read. The message is simple and powerful, and the examples and anecdotes really help the reader to process the material. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

"Both me and my husband loved the book. I like that is written by a mother that dealt with this issues first hand. I also love that we give out actual suggestions, and yes, they work. I have a 3-year-old and I found lots of answers here.  The book has changed my life and parenting style. I would definitely recommend it!


"Excellent resource for parents. If you are one of those parents who have relied on corporal punishment you really need to read and apply these parenting skills! We raised 5 children, House-parented 9 (at a time), and can speak from experience. VERY HELPFUL!"



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