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Are you tired of yelling, nagging, bribing and threatening your child? Do you want more cooperation, fun, and effective communication going on in your household?


“I have had hundreds of parents ask me, ‘Why didn’t I get a manual on how to discipline my child when I brought her home from the hospital? It seems that with everything I buy of importance, I get not only a manual but also tech support.’ Well here it is: the first discipline manual for parents: Redirecting Children’s Behavior!”

Our course not only stops the misbehavior, but in addition we will teach you how to give your  children essential life skills that your child will use as an adult.


We know parenting is hard and even more difficult to do on your own. 

Now you don't have to. 

Join our RCB Community! 

Learning Details

  • Four, once a week, ninety minute small group sessions on an easy to use platform called Zoom

  • Recorded replay of each session

  • One, thirty minute private coaching session per week with Kathryn

  • Ten minute reading content delivered right to you email each week (no annoying passwords!)

Enrollment is limited to 8 spots. The cost is $249 and starts on Thursday nights 8:00-9:30 p.m. EST starting March 7th to March 28th.


Meet your instructor

Kathryn Kvols 

Still Have Questions?  |  Tel: 352-514-2758

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Register Here! 

Enrollment is limited to 8 spots.


Class starts Tuesday January 8 th 

8:00-9:30 p.m. EST 

For Four weeks! 

Ends January 21st

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Kathryn Kvols | Redirecting Children's Behavior

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