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Redirect power struggles,
“misbehaving” children,
rebellious teenagers,
and sibling rivalry...
Without punishment, threats,
grounding or timeouts

“Peace Begins at Home”

Need Parenting Help with Children’s “Misbehavior”?
10 Keys to Successful Parenting
10 Keys to Successful Parenting
Child discipline that internally motivates, builds self-esteem, teaches quality time, eliminates nagging, testing, and conflict.
Bedtime Without Hassles
Bedtime Without Hassles
Avoid bedtime conflicts with this easy bedtime routine by setting limits.
Help! My Children Are Fighting!
Help! My Children Are Fighting!
Tips to eliminate sibling rivalry and sibling fighting.
Create the Family of Your Dream
Create the Family of Your Dream
15 ways to get your children connected
to your family, instead of a screen.
Avoiding Power Struggles Avoiding Power Struggles
Redirect testing, temper tantrums, rebellious teens, defiant and demanding children.
No More Backtalk
No More Backtalk
Redirect sassy, children who say no, and whine.
Getting Kids to Love Chores Getting Kids to Love Chores
Teach children the value of being helpful and the magic of teamwork.
Weekly Parenting Practices

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Redirecting Children's Behavior by Kathryn Kvols

"This book teaches parents how to discipline their children by using many practical, effective and non-punitive techniques. The best part of all for me is that I now feel very good about myself as a parent".
(Amazon.com Customer)

"This is the best book on parenting I've read. The examples were very easy to implement at home."
Liz Porcelli

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